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Nylon Breakable Throat Swab

Nylon swabs mark the newest evolution of single-use specimen collection devices. Compared with the conventional fiber swab, the sample is easy to be intercepted by the gap in the fiber cluster, that is, the sample is infiltrated, diluted and intercepted in the fiber. The nylon swab adopts the unique spray implantation nylon pile technology, which has outstanding sample collection and release ability, and the release rate can reach 95%, far higher than the fiber swab.

Code Product Pack
CFS-01(A) Nylon Breakable THROAT Swab- Pouch Packing(ETO/Gamma Sterile) 100 Nos
CFS-01(B) Nylon Breakable THROAT Swab in P.P. Tube(ETO/Gamma Sterile) 100 Nos