Disposable ESR Pippettes

Disposable ESR System

The Easy-Rate disposable ESR system allows a rapid execution of ESR as per Westergren method. The pipette is provided with a fibre cap which permits the automated reaching of the o level in a simple and safe way. At the interior part, at a precise distance, a little piston allows a quick filling of the pipette,thanks to the pressure exerted within the tube. The pipette has a printed graduated scale from 0 to 180 and consequently allows an immediate reading in transparence. The sample can be taken in SLD-Nac - ESR Tube with 3.8% Sodium Citrate, Double Cap (13x75mm tube) /SL-Nac(E) - ESR Tube with 3.8% Sodium Citrate,Push Cap (12x75mm Tube) or in conventional 12x75mm PS tube (ADT-01).

Code Product Pack Carton
AEP-01 "Easy-Rate" Disposable ESR Pipettes 100 Nos 10 x 100
AEP-02 "Easy-Rate" Disposable ESR Pipettes 200 Nos 10 x 200