Vacuum Blood Collection Systems

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EDTA K3 Tube
These tubes are coated with EDTA-K3 for blocking coagulation cascade by binding calcium ions in the blood sample. EDTA tubes should be inverted 8-10 times to assure complete mixing with blood. EDTA K3 tubes are used for direct sampling analysis since erythrocytes, leucocytes and thrombocytes are stable in EDTA anti coagulated blood for 24 hours. Blood smearing should be done with in 3 hours after blood collection. These tubes can be used for testing whole blood in the clinical chemistry. Used in Routine hematology tests including Hemoglobin and Hemotocrit, WBC count, RBC count Platelet count, complete blood count and Hb A1C etc.
Code Specifications Volume Pack Box
CVT-05 13X75mm 2ml 100 1800
CVT-05A 13X75mm 3ml 100 1800
CVT-05B 13X75mm 4ml 100 1800

Glucose Tube
These tubes contain an anticoagulant and a stabilizer, potassium oxalate and sodium fluoride. Due to type of Anticoagulant, the Glucose tube effectively prevents metabolism of blood sugar and prevents hemolysis of the blood sample.
Used for Glucose, Lactate and Bicarbonate tests.
Code Specifications Volume Pack Box
CVT-06 13X75mm 2ml 100 1800
CVT-06A 13X75mm 3ml 100 1800
CVT-06B 13X75mm 4ml 100 1800

Sodium Citrate 3.2% Tubes (PT tubes)
These tubes contain buffered tri- sodium and are provided in 3.2%. The mixing ratio is 1 part citrate to 9 parts blood.
Used for coagulation tests like PT, PTT, TT, Fibrinogen and FDP, D-dimer and many special coagulation tests to diagnosis various bleeding disorders such as Factor activity assays.
Code Specifications Volume Pack Box
CVT-07 13X75mm 1.8ml 100 1800
CVT-07A 13X75mm 2.7ml 100 1800

ESR tubes (Sodium Citrate 3.8%)
These tubes contain buffered Tri- Sodium and are provided in 3.8%. The mixing ratio is 1 part Citrate to 4 parts blood.
Used in ESR test.
Code Specifications Volume Pack Box
CVT-08 13X75mm 1.6ml 100 1800

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